Become ranked in the top 50 of the nation.


I started fencing in January 2005 and over the years it has become a growing part of my life. In graduate school I started to compete nationally and had to learn new ways of thinking and problem solving to elevate my game to the next level, especially within the context of being a busy and cash strapped graduate student.

In my reading and lessons I have learned a lot about sport psychology that has illustrated many parallels in my career, mostly in perseverance and ways to approach public speaking.

Through fencing, I have become better equipped to deal with the pressures of my career.


First A rated fencer in the 30+ year history of UCI fencing.

1 regional top 8 finish.

8th place at the December 2017 NAC Div1 Classification Event in Portland.

Countless local medals.


Competing at DC Fencers Club Champagne Challenge November 2018

PC: Sally Gifford